Take a HIKE, Mama



The title is supposed to be funny, but the meaning is actually very serious to me.

Take a hike, Mama.

Go take a HIKE.


Sometimes we get so pent-up in everything we have to do and our schedules and whatever is coming next, and then at the end of the day we are standing in a middle of a crowded room feeling totally alone and not knowing what to do.


When you feel that way, take a hike.

Being in nature has proven health benefits. You can’t argue with that. It’s a need we have at a biological level. One of our most primal parts of ourselves.


I have recently be immersing myself into the culture of Geotourism.

Geotourism is …

Environmentally responsible – committed to conserving resources and maintaining biodiversity

Culturally responsible – committed to respecting local sensibilities and building on local heritage

Synergisticgeotourism together all elements of geographical character to create a travel experience that is richer than the sum of its parts and appealing to visitors with diverse interests

When I begin to feel overwhelmed, I begin to plan a trip. I try to incorporate every aspect of geotourism. I am currently planning out my first trip with my family. I bought a tent because I feel like when we are in our trailer we are removed from the basis of what it means to connect with nature.


My husband feels differently. He is wrong, of course.

BUT trips take planning, and money. No matter how you cut it, it can easily become another item on the to-do list. So, TAKE A HIKE.


I downloaded the AllTrailsAllTrails app on my phone, and I can just open that bad boy up and be on my way in the matter of minutes. Pack an easy PB&J lunch, and get out there. On Saturday we went out to the Sacramento Wild Life Refuge and did a trail we had never done before.


We did a portion of the trail because I had my little dudes and a time crunch, and that was all we needed. We took pictures, picked flowers, had a nice lunch in a beautiful environment, the boys napped on the way home leaving me to enjoy my audiobook, and then we went back to our normal lives.

We were dealing with our normal activities, and our normal trials and tribulations, but recharged and ready.


So, go take a hike, mama! Sometimes that’s the only thing you need to get through another week of a crazy schedule!


May the force be with you.


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