Working Mom (And Still The BOMB)

*disclaimer* This is not a “hating on Stay At Home Mom’s” post. I respect every position we hold in motherhood. I have been in the trenched of Staying at Home and it is HARD. I applaud you.

That being said, I feel like Working Mom’s get a bad rap as well. So I compiled a list of things people have said/done that suck for Working Mom’s. Please feel free to add more in the comments!

“I just can’t imagine being away from my baby”/”Your kids would benefit from you being home more”

Good for you. I don’t have a choice, I’m glad you do, but the comment? Not helpful. You can’t imagine it….well that’s my reality. I have done it three times.

And what about their Dad? Because he is just a responsible for their happiness. And just as capable. Why aren’t you tell him this? NO ONE judges my husband for working. And they shouldn’t, just like I shouldn’t be judged.

You know what my kids gain from daycare? Independence. And they learn to share and interact more with other children. My baby bit another baby in the chest because she came at him like she was going to take his toy. I mean…I don’t want him doing that…but it’s a dog eat dog world, homie.

Mommy groups

This pisses me off. Literally everything is on a Tuesday morning. Where are the evening or weekend mom groups? I want to play too!

Daycare raised your kids

I will throat punch you. DAYCARE did not raise my kids. Where was daycare for the 2 AM puke fest? Seriously, where were they? Because I could’ve used them. They were home, sleeping. Because daycare doesn’t raise my children. My children spend 40 hours a week in daycare (with the exception of Holidays). Those additional 128 hours? Me. When their sleeping, when their eating, when their outside playing. I am still on the clock. Me. ME.

I know mom’s who have had people tell them “aren’t you afraid they will love (childcare provider) more than you?” Well…that’s a ballsy thing to say first of all. And I WANT my kids to love my daycare. Mine LOVE the girl who watches my kids SO much which makes leaving them easier because I know they are happy while I am away, but they are still happy to see me at the end of the day.

Because I am their mommy, and that is special. Don’t bring that position down by insisting that we are easily cast aside. Don’t you dare.

Get off early pick up your kids early

This might not be a struggle everyone has, but it’s something I have had people judge me for in the past. 

Sorry, if I get off early I am not picking them up early. That is my chance to accomplish tasks that they don’t usually want to be apart of (groceries, dishes, cleaning) that way when I do pick them up I can actually spend TIME with them.

Also, sometimes I need a minute. Just because I worked extra hours a couple days and need to flex time off doesn’t mean I don’t need some time for myself. Sometimes I will go for a run before I pick them up because work is STRESSFUL and it makes me a better mother.

I pick them up early sometimes, and maybe I’ll pick them up only a LITTLE earlier. Whatever I do, they don’t suffer from it and its none of your business.

The hardest critics of working moms….


We don’t need you to tell us, because we already know. I can’t be at every field trip of event so I have to pick the ones that are the most important. Well, how the hell do you decide that? How do you pick which is the most important when they are ALL important?

I don’t take my daughter out to lunch because I have to be back at work in thirty minutes, and she asked me one day why I never take her out to lunch when the other mom’s do. That BROKE my heart! I made it work by working late one day, but I can’t do that all the time. And I know how much she wants me to. I wish I could. I can’t. That’s hard.

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