Yogi Surprise Box- May: Creative Divine Mother


So I am on my fourth Yogi Surprise box and I have to say I LOVE it.

Most subscription box’s I cancel right away, or I only sign up for one month and never renew my subscription (even if I like it). I just haven’t really found anything I was interested in consistently receive EVERY month.

But this box has been a different story!

*this post contains affiliate links4

I love coming home and seeing this pretty little box sitting by my front door!

And every month the contents are pretty different, which I really appreciate. It’s not boring, and everything is high quality. I have even gone back to the shops and purchased more product from them!

My favorite part of the Yogi Surprise Subscription Box is the pamphlets that explain how to use the products, what shops they come from and additional coupons from the specific shops. I feel like it really promotes supporting small businesses, and everything (so far) is affordable and reasonable.

This months theme is “Creative Divine Mother” which is fun considering it is Mothers Day! I got my box right before Mothers Day and it was a fun little treat.

I’m going to start this off with my favorite product that came with my Yogi Surprise box– this freaking candle. Guys. Its beautiful. I haven’t even lit it yet because it is SO pretty.


These mindful mandala cards are really neat too! Definitely not something I’d normally purchase for myself but I actually am really happy to have and totally love!

Each card has a proverb on one side and then on the other side a little mandala that you can color. I see the “adult coloring” more and more now and its a great tool for a little carefree mindfulness and simple way to incorporate a little creativity into your day. I like these because they are so small so it’s not like you have to make a huge work of art- just a 10 minute zen-out moment!


This therapy balm from Screntered is another fav from the box. I have already used it SEVERAL times. As a mother sometimes we need some kind of easy, on the go calm. My mornings are crazy (if you are new to my blog, please refer to this post) so something like this tucked into my purse is nice!


I was surprised by the stationary! I didn’t expect to have that in the box and it was kind of neat! I decided to use it to spread a little love at work. I wrote three notes to people who seemed like they could use a little extra love and I don’t usually send hand written notes to people. I think the intentional act really brightened up their days! And of course I made sure to say things that were encouraging and kind, but the idea of receiving something someone wrote for you is always really heart warming. I definitely will be doing that more in the future.


Also included in the box were these fun little gems! The soap smells FANTASTIC and I have decided to use it only on days when I really need some grounding (because it is the sacral chakra). I can smell it when I am in the shower and it just makes me happy. The bar looked good, but like most things in my life it was ruthlessly stolen by my children and devoured. I am assuming it was tasty because they didn’t spit it out and they are PICKY. Definitely considering buying some!


So this months Yogi Surprise box was extremely satisfying, and I am excited for next months!

You can sign up to get your own here and use the coupon code YOGILOVE for 15% off for LIFE!

Namaste my friends!

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