Momaste Meditation Series- part one: Buddha Groove Mala and a quick how-to!

Mom-aste my fellow hot mess moms!

Meditation was something I was originally very skeptical of, but it had truly been life changing.

From dealing with PPD, making the decision to not have my biological father participate in my life and all the normal every day challenges of motherhood- meditation has helped me keep my head above water.

I purchased a mala necklace from an etsy shop once and well…you get what you pay for. It was cheap and low quality, and basically just a counting tool. I got a lot out of my meditation, but I had no connection to the necklace. 

THEN I got my mala necklace from Buddha Groove and man…did that change!

First, he packaging it came in was fun and the pouch was really cute! LOVED the colors!

The quality of the mala necklace was undeniable. Immediately when I touched it I could tell. It isn’t HEAVY, but definitely heavier then my other one and more solid. The stones and gorgeous, and the energy they put off was really peaceful and calming.


Buddha Groove has a TON of really neat products at reasonable prices to help you live a more mindful life. 

I highly recommend the mala if you are new to meditation, and investing in a high-quality necklace does really make a big difference. It really becomes so much more than a “counting tool” and has an energy of its own. You’re inspired to take better care of it and it really becomes an extension of yourself within your practice.

So if you have your mala, there is actually a right way that you are SUPPOSED to use it. Honestly, I believe that if you are connected and it works for you then you do you, boo. 

But if you are interested in some education, I will teach you the ways! (Because I’m better than everyone.)

So to begin, each finger represents the five elements of life.

Thumb is earth, pointer is fire, middle is sky, ring is water and pinky is air.

I doodled on my hand for you visual learners!

You want to use your LEFT hand!

You want to hold your mala between earth and sky. It’s very symbolic and kind of beautiful if you think about it. It makes sense! We exist between the earth and sky. There are a thousand different ways you can take that to a deep level, but I digress.

A lot of people hold it between earth and fire. I originally found myself naturally wanting to use those fingers!

Fire represents passionate energy. When you point at someone, like if you’re going to scold your children for eating your snickers for example, you are directing that “fire” and passionate energy at them. That intensity takes away from the integrity of such a harmonious object. 

So, here is a picture of my holding my mala between earth and sky with fire pointed away.

Start from the Guru bead (the larger bead representative of the teacher) and pull the beads over sky with your thumb towards you, drawing that energy into yourself.

Recite your mantra once per bead, going slow and focusing on your breath. 

When you end up back at the Guru bead, flip the necklace and go back without crossing over the head.

Things I learned while recording myself rotating the beads: 

1) I crumble under pressure

2) my kids are LOUD

3) I’m terrible at recording myself while completing a task 

So if you’re looking for an affordable, high quality AND gorgeous Mala, check out Buddha Groove! You won’t be disappointed.

Namaste my friends!

Be on the lookout for mom momaste meditation!

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